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#1 Ender’s Game Trailer Hits the Masses

#1 Ender’s Game Trailer Hits the Masses


This is it – the #1 Trailer for the upcoming Ender’s Game based on Orson Scott Card’s sublime trilogy (or were there 4 of them?). Excellent footage, perfect sound.

For Han Solo though, it looks like it’s the Elder’s Game… ;-)) Keep cool, he still rocks it.

Everything looks good, except that it’s a little bit too action loaded. The original book’s success was based on the way the personalities of Ender Wiggin, his family and army mates were sculpted to make a lasting impression on the reader. I wonder whether the movie will be authentic to that.

Ender's Game Poster

Ender’s Game Poster



The Earth was ravaged twice by the Buggers, an alien race seemingly determined to destroy humanity. Seventy years later, the people of Earth remain banded together to prevent their own annihilation from this technologically superior alien species. Ender Wiggin, a quiet but brilliant boy, may become the savior of the human race. He is separated from his beloved sister and his terrifying brother and brought to battle school in orbit around earth. He will be tested and honed into an empathetic killer who begins to despise himself as he learns to fight in hopes of saving Earth and his family.

Director: Gavin Hood
Writers: Orson Scott Card (novel), Gavin Hood (screenplay)
Stars: Harrison Ford, Abigail Breslin, Asa Butterfield






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